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How to Improve Children's Memory

How to Improve Children's Memory - Lifesource,- Children are everything for parents. Every parent certainly wishes the best for their children. You certainly want your little one's brain development to develop optimally, and can easily absorb all the information they get, so that your little one will find it easier to learn.

Since birth, the ability to remember that children have will continue to experience development, and in their cognitive development it is an important part. When a child starts school, his memory skills are certainly needed so that he can easily follow lessons at school both for memorizing letters and so on. In addition, children also learn to remember various things in their daily life. It's just that every child has different memory abilities. However, as a parent you don't worry, because a child's memory can be improved by providing stimulation or exercise. Of course, this method must be understood by parents to help improve children's memory.

Now, to find out how to improve children's memory, you can refer to the discussion below.

How to Improve Children's Memory

How to Improve Children's Memory

Children who have a strong memory will learn faster. Memory itself is a process of maintaining, storing, and remembering things that have been past. Short-term memory will only hold facts for about 5 minutes. Meanwhile, long-term memory for life. Children will remember things that have happened during their life. Where long-term memory includes habits that are often done such as for example general knowledge, learning abilities, and personal experiences. (Also read: Brain Food to Be Smarter and More Focused)





Well, as a parent you certainly want your child to have a strong memory. To help improve children's memory, you can consider several ways to improve children's long-term memory as follows.

Learning while Playing

Playing is certainly an activity that is liked by children. In addition, playing can also be an easy way to improve memory that children like the most. In order for children's brain development to increase, you can do fun activities with your little one. Like for example inviting children to play while learning.To stimulate children's memory, some of the games you can do include coloring, puzzles, flash cards, games with various colors and shapes, and pasting letters, pictures or numbers. This activity will certainly be a fun activity for your little one. In addition, your little one can also learn at the same time.

Doing Physical Activity

Based on various studies, it shows that doing physical activity will provide overall benefits to the body. Knowing like that, at a young child you can get used to it to be physically active. Children who do physical activity will get many benefits, some of which are sharpening their brain development, social interaction, and movement skills.

Not only that, physical activity will help reduce the risk of children being obese since childhood. Children will be able to learn more effectively if they are more active, both in the school environment and outside the school environment. Therefore, there's nothing wrong with you asking your little one to do physical activities or activities. Do activities that are fun and age-appropriate. Besides being able to help improve memory, children will also get other good benefits by doing physical activity.

Storytelling Stories

During free time or before bed you can tell stories to children. Tell a variety of interesting and fun stories for your little one. After you finish storytelling, you can invite your little one to recall the story that you told earlier, such as place names, character names and so on. Doing repetitions like this will make children get used to listening, then record it in their memory.
It doesn't have to be just a fairy tale book, you can also use other media to invite children to tell stories or tell stories, such as a picture that can be replaced or a hand puppet that will attract the attention of your little one.

Invite Children to Sing Together

To improve children's memory, you can also invite children to sing together in certain activities. To increase your children's enthusiasm and excitement, you can invite your children to clap their hands or dance together.
If this activity is carried out regularly, children will surely imitate the song lyrics and tones that are often sung. Not only remembering the song, children will also remember the information contained in the song. Well, you can try this method to improve your little one's memory. Besides being fun, children can also learn with singing at the same time.

Get Kids To Ask Questions

You can lure children to want to ask about the material being studied. You and your little one can find the answer together in the book. Requires tricks to lure children to ask, especially questions that have a relationship with lessons at school.

Finding answers when children listen or read will help improve their memory. The reason is, when reading the child will have a specific goal, namely to find answers to what he is asking. In addition, after finding the right answer, children will have their own satisfaction.

Learn to Use Different Ways

You can try learning in different ways to improve children's memory. Learning on a subject in different ways will make children's learning more memorable. So that it will build a series of nerve cells that can help to remember and access information.

Learn in the different ways you can do that is to make simple plays, retell or play riddles.

How to Improve Children's Memory

Making Example

Books and learning elements are mostly equipped with examples so that children can better understand them. Well, if your little one already understands it, you can try asking your little one to provide an example of his own. If he has difficulty explaining word for word, let your child use examples to explain it to you.

Using Color

Maybe you've all colored some explanations using colored markers on textbooks when you were in school to remember the material easily. Well, you can also apply this method to your little one, because this method is quite effective.

Studying in a Different Environment

In order for the child's learning process to be more enjoyable, you can allow the child to interact with various aspects to gain direct experience. For example, if your child is learning about various kinds of animals, you can take him to the zoo. Meanwhile, if you want to teach your child about plants, you can take your little one to the garden, let him explore. To teach children about history, you can take them to the museum.

Give Chance to Children to Become Teachers

If you have taught something to the child, to train his memory you can go back to ask the child to teach it to you, a friend or sister.

Give Opportunities For Children To Rest

If the child feels bored or depressed by the stimulation you provide, then the child should be given the opportunity to rest, and let him do the activities he wants but with supervision.

Invite your little one to communicate and let him express his wants and feelings. After that, you can make an agreement with your little one about the activities he likes to do together. Where the activity that the child likes can be modified to help the child's memory.

Create Activities in a Quiet Place

To improve children's memory, you can do activities or games that can help improve their memory in a quiet place so that their attention will not be distracted.

Enough Sleep Time Children

A study shows that one of the keys to maintaining memory is adequate sleep. The reason is, during sleep the important things that have been learned will be stored by the brain. Therefore, you must ensure that your little one gets enough sleep. Apart from bedtime, also make sure your little one gets quality sleep. Your little one should get 11 to 13 hours of sleep each day, including nap time.

Pay attention to children's nutritional intake

In addition to the several methods above, to improve your little one's memory you must pay attention to nutritional intake. Nutritious food intake has an important role to make your little one's memory increase.
In preparing children's food, you should not only focus on taste, without paying attention to the nutrition. Make sure the food you provide for children contains balanced nutrition, and is rich in vitamins, essential fatty acids, folic acid, iron and zinc which will stimulate brain function so that it is useful for memory.

Foods That Can Improve Children's Memory

Good memory and focus on learning are certainly beneficial for children's growth and development. In addition to doing the methods above to improve children's memory, it can also be supported by the food intake consumed by the little one. (See also: Tips for Optimizing Baby's Brain Development)

As a parent you can provide food with good nutritional content that will help improve your little one's memory and focus. There are several foods that are known to improve children's memory, such as the following.


Salmon can be a healthy fat intake for children. Salmon contains omega 3 fatty acids which are necessary for growth and maintaining brain function. You can include salmon in your little one's daily menu.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter contains many nutrients, some of which are vitamin E which is useful for protecting the lining of the brain from damage caused by oxidation. Besides that, it is also an antioxidant, as well as B vitamins which are useful to help metabolize fat and protein which is needed to supply energy to the brain.


Eggs are rich in protein. The yolk contains choline which is useful for developing memory. Eggs that are processed by boiling until cooked will provide energy for the brain.


To keep brain cells healthy various colorful vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, spinach and so on can help. Vegetables are high in vitamins and antioxidants. In addition, the fiber content and complex carbohydrates are useful for maintaining blood sugar levels and making the brain work better.


Glucose is needed by the brain more as fuel to work. You can find glucose itself in whole grains like oats in oatmeal which will provide energy, but prevent a drastic spike in blood sugar. If the energy supply becomes more stable, it will make children more focused when they are learning.

Dairy Products

Just like eggs, dairy products are complete ingredients. Some of the ingredients in dairy products include carbohydrates needed for energy, B vitamins which are useful for supporting metabolism, protein and vitamin D which are based on studies that can help the work of neurotranmitter processes in the brain.

Berry fruit

Berries are useful for providing energy, as well as natural antioxidants. In addition, berry seeds are beneficial for brain health because they contain omega 3.


Beef is also one of the foods that can help improve memory. In choosing beef, make sure you don't choose beef with a lot of fat content. Beef is rich in essential mineral content obtained from iron, as well as zinc. Where this mineral content is believed to make brain concentration work properly.

In addition, foods with some of the ingredients below can also help increase children's memory.

Foods with Good Fat Content

In order for cell membranes to function properly, natural fats are needed by the brain. So that foods with good fat content can be added to your little one's food list.

Good fats in question consist of monounsaturated fats which can be obtained from peanut butter, seeds, olive oil and avocado.

Essential fatty acids, namely omega 3 and omega 6. Foods containing omega 3 include seeds, nuts, free-range chicken eggs, animal meat and so on. Meanwhile, omega 6 fatty acids are obtained from green leaves, flaxseeds, shrimp, oysters, and so on.

Natural saturated fat obtained from egg yolks, cream, butter and coconut oil.

Foods Containing Anthocyanins & Querecetin

Based on studies showing, anthocyanins & querecetin can increase children's cognitive strength. You can include foods such as berries, red grapes, purple grapes, black grapes, eggplant, red apples, broccoli, kale, blueberries and so on in your child's diet.

Foods with Choline Content

Choline is useful for stimulating the brain, and is useful for developing memory in children. Some foods rich in choline include fish oil, eggs, soybeans, liver, butter, peanuts, cauliflower, potatoes, oats, lentils, flaxseeds and sesame seeds.

Various tips can be done by parents to improve children's memory. You have to give your child time to develop at his own pace. Make sure you also don't compare children with their friends. Every child is smart. In order for his talents to be honed, the right stimulus and environment are needed.

Well, some information about how to improve children's memory, as well as some foods for children's memory as we have explained above are expected to help you. However, to get a clearer and more complete explanation, you can consult an expert.

How to Improve Children's Memory